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Testimonials & Comments StarDoves E-Dock Referral Program

Take your sales and exposure to the NEXT LEVEL! Put the power of STARDOVES Marketing With The Stars eMail campaign at your fingertips to increase your client base and profitability.

Through our service, you will receive sales, subscribers, and the names and addresses from people who respond to your advertisements who are waiting for services like yours. We have happy clients who have been with us 11 years! See our great Advertiser Testimonials.

Our extensive Aquarian direct shoppers list provides you with an outstanding opportunity to target potential customers, test creative strategies, capture leads and acquire new sales at faster speeds and lower costs than previously imaginable.


  • United States (70% of our list)
  • International Marketing to Canada, Great Britain and Europe (17%)
  • English speaking Latin America (9%)
  • English speaking Asian Countries, India, China, Philippines and others (4%)

We also manage/administer and send weekly or monthly messages for leading Aquarian organizations.

We provide 100% campaign fulfillment in-house, utilizing our own proprietary data and eMail delivery technology. Since we are Direct full-service providers, we can professionally and efficiently manage your entire personalized opt-in email campaign also. We host other Light Organizations, Holistic Centers, and Churches. We can deliver to your own list and maintain it for you.

Our ability to provide these solutions with the most cost effective rates and targeting/optimization technology will generate the best return on investment for both our advertisers and publishers. We are affiliated with 50 source Web sites who consistently feed us new email addresses, 8 Expos and trade shows and we rigorously survey the data to create a wealth of targeted consumers.

Premium Opt-In eMail Marketing with Great Response Rates!

And tell us you are interested in having us host your eMail campaigns